Session 2: First Week!

Last week AIR welcomed 15 new artists for session 2 of our summer residency. Residents arrived Wednesday evening and shared a fresh summer dinner and wine as they settled in and got to know one another.


Residents filling their plates at the Welcome Dinner

The following day was filled with an orientation, colony tour, and trip to the grocery store. But quickly after, residents got right to work. While the previous session was more lax in their work schedules, socializing on and off throughout the day between long expanses of work, many session 2 residents spend their days working diligently so that their nights are free. The change has made for quiet days and fun nights.

On Saturday evening, residents were invited to visit the home of Byron Bell, a Byrdcliffe Board Member, and former architect whose home has been featured in the New York Times for its unique beauty and incredible landscape.

Residents toured the property, including a garden, gazebo, lake (fit with canoes) and an overlook.


Residents Travis Fairclough and Michele Mirisola


Resident composer Tobin Chodos entertained the group with jazz standards and freestyle.

In all a beautiful night for residents to relax, mingle, and further enjoy the beauty of the region.

The following evening, residents gathered to share in each others work. With 5 writers 2 ceramics artists, 7 visual artists, and 1 composer, the talent was broad and varied, but served as incredible inspiration for the group as a whole.

And the first week came to a close with an impromptu Fourth of July BBQ, where residents pooled money and cooked a feast, enjoyed on the Villetta porch.


Here’s to another great session and three more weeks of creativity and inspiration!

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