Residents Practice Ekphrasis

At Byrdcliffe, we encourage residents to collaborate across mediums. This week one of our residents, Vaughn M. Watson, organized a group activity to cross writing with visual art. As Vaughn explained to the group of 12 participants, ekphrasis is the written response to visual art and is used to inspire creativity and building cohesion between artists

Resident Spotlight: Ella Weber

To continue our Resident Spotlight we will be focusing on Ella Weber, a visual artist with a lot to say about Tinder profiles and men who fish. 1. What kind of artist are you? What type of art do you create? I’m a visual artist trained in printmaking. However, my focus primarily lies on the

Resident Spotlight: Brett Singer

This session Byrdcliffe has been blessed with enormous talent among our residents. For this resident spotlight we are featuring Brett Singer, a writer who has returned to Byrdcliffe for his second summer residency in two years. Brett Singer  1. What kind of artist are you? What type of art do you create? Primarily I’m a

Karaoke Madness!

As a present to AIR, longtime friend of Byrdcliffe Karaoke DJ Sabrina Asch, threw a karaoke party for Session 2 residents last week. Held in the Byrdcliffe barn, the top floor of the ceramics studio often rented for weddings and private events, residents sang, socialized, and closed out their second full week at Byrdcliffe with songs

Session 2: Jewelry Workshop with Robin “The Hammer” Ludwig

At Byrdcliffe there is a long standing tradition of celebrating the arts in all forms, mixing craft and fine arts for the ultimate creative experience for AIR residents and longtime patrons of the colony. This session, residents were given the opportunity to participate in a jewelry workshop with Robin “the hammer” Ludwig, a Woodstock metal worker

Session 2: First Week!

Last week AIR welcomed 15 new artists for session 2 of our summer residency. Residents arrived Wednesday evening and shared a fresh summer dinner and wine as they settled in and got to know one another. The following day was filled with an orientation, colony tour, and trip to the grocery store. But quickly after,

Featured Residents: Robert Hickman & Michelle Welsch

With our vast array of talent this summer, it was difficult to pick only two residents to feature for this first session. Each of our residents shine in unique and interesting ways and both Robert Hickman, a visual artist, and  Michelle Welsch, a writer, are great examples of that. Robert Hickman Q: What kind of

Session 1 – Ceramics Workshop!

Most artists will agree that exploring new forms and mediums can inspire a greater creativity in their own work and beyond. For session 1, residents were given an opportunity to take a free workshop with Matthew Ward, a long time friend of Byrdcliffe, residing this summer as a Visiting Artist. As a teacher of ceramics,

Field Trip to Opus 40

Each session, AIR makes an effort to introduce residents to local arts and culture spots that will excite and inspire, as well as give some insight into the long-standing role of creativity in the region. For session 1 we invited residents to explore Opus 40, an area sculpture park and museum that features the tireless

Bringing Back the Byrdcliffe Garden

For the last few years, the AIR program has been without a garden. Last summer, program coordinator Meredith Morabito had a vision to bring one back. Behind the historic White Pines building, a path leads through the woods, across a small creek, and into a clearing,  the former location of a flower garden tended by