Welcome Session 4!

This is it – the last session of the A.I.R. program for 2016! We’re so excited to spend the next four weeks learning from this group and seeing / reading their beautiful work! Visual artists: Jessica Harvey Padma Rajendran Gabe Chiarello Kayla Gibbons Anne Arden McDonald James Byrne Paul Hunter Tara Vaughan Meredith Nichols Silvia Forni Writers: RN Healey David Greenwood

Woodworking Workshop

Talented local woodworker Andrew Gray paid us a visit last week and imparted some wisdom on how to craft beautiful wood pieces from start to finish. After sourcing our own wood from a fallen ash tree in the forest, we built completely functional (and cool-looking!) camp stools. The perfect souvenir from the residents’ time at Byrdcliffe!  

Work Share

Work Share, an evening where residents have the opportunity to share what they do with their fellow artists, is an integral part of the Byrdcliffe experience. Yesterday, we listened as painters, ceramicists, writers, and photographers talked about what inspires them and we looked at some of their most recent creations. Everyone left with a great respect for their peers, and

Welcome Dinner

What’s the key ingredient for a magical Byrdcliffe experience? People! The residents arrived yesterday and the rain cleared for our session 3 welcome dinner. We’re so excited to spend the next four weeks with this talented bunch! Writers: Ursula Fuentesberain David Greenwood Clarissa Wu RN Healey Olivia Hurd   Visual artists: Henrietta Mantooth Christopher Law Dan Gratz Lori Solondz

Residents Practice Ekphrasis

At Byrdcliffe, we encourage residents to collaborate across mediums. This week one of our residents, Vaughn M. Watson, organized a group activity to cross writing with visual art. As Vaughn explained to the group of 12 participants, ekphrasis is the written response to visual art and is used to inspire creativity and building cohesion between artists

Resident Spotlight: Ella Weber

To continue our Resident Spotlight we will be focusing on Ella Weber, a visual artist with a lot to say about Tinder profiles and men who fish. 1. What kind of artist are you? What type of art do you create? I’m a visual artist trained in printmaking. However, my focus primarily lies on the