Session 2: Jewelry Workshop with Robin “The Hammer” Ludwig

At Byrdcliffe there is a long standing tradition of celebrating the arts in all forms, mixing craft and fine arts for the ultimate creative experience for AIR residents and longtime patrons of the colony. This session, residents were given the opportunity to participate in a jewelry workshop with Robin “the hammer” Ludwig, a Woodstock metal worker and jewelry maker who has gained international recognition for his work with Billy Idol and as the creator of the Cannabis Cup.

Over the course of three hours, Robin shared his vast knowledge with the group, giving a brief history of metal working, sharing a variety of techniques, and patiently working with all participants in a step-by-step process to each create a beautiful ring to take home.





With Robin’s careful guidance, all of the residents left happy and smiling. If you ever have the opportunity to take one of Byrdcliffe’s jewelry workshops with Robin, safe to say, we’d highly recommend it!

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