Work Share

This past weekend we held Work Share, a night where the residents shared examples of their art and listened as their fellow residents did the same. Here’s an sampling of some of the amazing work we had a chance to see! Please join us on September 30 for Open Studios to see more of the visual artists’ work

Byrdcliffe Tour

Presenting a tour of the Byrdcliffe Guild for your viewing pleasure! First stop: the Villetta Inn, where most of our residents live. Next door to the Villetta is the Byrdcliffe Theater, home to many a wonderful production! The theater also marks the trail head for hikes leading to Mt. Guardian Viewpoints and the Bluestone Quarry.

Welcome Session 4!

This is it – the last session of the A.I.R. program for 2016! We’re so excited to spend the next four weeks learning from this group and seeing / reading their beautiful work! Visual artists: Jessica Harvey Padma Rajendran Gabe Chiarello Kayla Gibbons Anne Arden McDonald James Byrne Paul Hunter Tara Vaughan Meredith Nichols Silvia Forni Writers: RN Healey David Greenwood