August Work Share

Earlier this week all the Session III artists gathered together to share what we’ve been working on. Everyone was a little shy at first, so our fearless leader, Alexis, was the first to go, sharing with us her intricately detailed drawings.
As the evening continued, the room became full of paintings, both abstract and representational, readings of short stories and novel excerpts, and spoken word performance pieces. After living together for a week, it was great to experience and understand the work that drives our fellow residents.
Bruce Ward, a non-fiction author, explained, “One of the great things about residencies is learning about other disciplines.” This was true – from writers to sculptors to conceptual performers, we all had the opportunity to appreciate and reflect on work outside of our usual practice. Michael Taylor, who is a visual and performance artist, said it well when he stated “It’s always so interesting to see how artists who have never met have such different ways of conveying similar things about life.”

Garrett McDonough reads an excerpt from his fictional novel.

Author Garrett McDonough reads an excerpt from his fictional novel.

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