Visiting the home of Susan and Byron Bell

This week for Session III’s home visit, we traveled up Overlook Mountain to a house designed and built by the architect Byron Bell. Though best known as an architect, Byron is a man of many talents; he is also a painter, a pianist, and a potter (among other things, we’re sure).  Byron’s wife, Susan, is a major collector and documenter of indigenous craft art from all around the world. Byron and Susan were gracious enough to let us tour their home, throughout which there are thousands of global artifacts.

We had a lovely night sharing pizza, wine, and beautiful mountaintop views with fellow Byrdcliffe artists and board members. Some of us even went swimming in the moonlit pond! The braver ones went to the river to stand under the waterfall. The water was cold, but there were no regrets!

Thank you to Byron and Susan, our wonderful hosts!

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