First Week Happenings of Session III!

This week the Byrdcliffe Colony welcomed our August Artists in Residence! Stephanie and I had a lot of work to do to get ready for their arrival. One of the jobs was screening in an original Byrdcliffe sleeping porch that now is a work space for a  resident writer. Unfortunately, we screened in a big unidentifiable spider! Here is a picture of us catching the big guy using caution and tupperware. We were able to release him out into the wild and all is well. We hope that our writer’s porch will be bug free from here on out!


Stephanie and Clara carefully capturing a considerably large spider.

Residents arrived throughout the day on Wednesday, and to welcome them we prepared an elaborate meal of roasted veggies, homemade pasta sauce, raw kale salad, and honey mustard chicken. It was a great way to gather everyone together and get them talking!

At the end of the night, the residents were well fed, happy, and prepared for a month dedicated to their creative endeavors.


The tenants and residents get to know each other as they anxiously await a delicious intern-cooked meal.

After the first couple of long days in the studio, some of the residents were looking to get their minds off their work. Stephanie suggested the perfect way to pass Friday night: ping-pong in the string-lit barn! Flashlights in hand, we made the short trek out to the barn to practice our backhand, which needed some work. The residents excused their poor ping-pong skills by repeating, “Hey, that’s why we’re artists!”

Despite struggling to get a good volley going, the artists had a great time and were able to unwind . They returned to their studios the next day refreshed and ready to do what they do best.



Ping pong in the barn!

On Monday afternoon, we welcomed two more residents, at our weekly Resident and Tenant social gathering.   We had a delicious potluck BBQ with burgers, veggie skewers, and chocolate chip cookies! The weather was perfect, the food was great, and we’re all so excited to have two more writers join us for the month!


Residents got cozy in the kitchen, preparing for the BBQ!


A few of the residents watch the grill masters below.


Rita, Deborah, and Teressa have a lively discussion all about ART!

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