Field Trip: MASS MoCA

Last week, Session IV took an ambitious field trip across state lines to visit the fun and exciting Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. We even stopped along the way to see our Program Director, Alexis Grabowski’s, art show in Troy! We packed snacks, sketch pads and Tina Fey(‘s audiobook) to make sure the journey would be an easy one. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful drive through the autumnal upstate and New England mountains, and when we got to the museum, the sights were even better! We enjoyed titillating exhibitions of work by Jason Middlebrook, Tom Phillips, Johnny Carrera, and Mark Dion. PLUS! We got to experience Xu Bing’s incredible flying Pheonix and a three-story retrospective of Sol Lewitt’s work! The day was complete with sushi lunch and ice cream cones to leave most everyone smiling.

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