Announcing Our 2014 Artists-in-Residence

We are excited to announce our 2014 artist-in-residence. This year’s jurors were Zach Feuer, Polly Apfelbaum, Gregory Amenoff, William Corbett, Erica Obey, Carey Harrison and John Medeski. These individuals will be in residence between May and October, 2014.

photo (2)

Visual Artists

Julia Bland, Brooklyn NY,
Emily Campbell, Baltimore MD,
Eunchi Chong, Seoul, South Korea,
Erin Curtis, Washington DC,
Estaben Cabeza de Baca, Brooklyn NY,
Lynne Weiss Drescher, Copenhagen Denmark,
Danielle Fischer, Israel
Nora Griffin, Brooklyn NY,
Jessica Harvey, Chicago IL,
Megan Heckmann, Congers NY,
Heidi Howard, Sunnyside NY,
Heidi Johnson, Bronx NY,
Nika Kaiser, Tucson AZ,
Hoda Kashiha, Brookline MA
Simone Kearney, Brooklyn NY,
Alma Leiva, Miami FL,
Jessica Maffia, New York NY,
Kelly McCafferty, New York NY,
Graham McDougal, Somerville MA,
Laurel McMechan, Allston MA,
Lauren Nickou, Astoria NY,
GaHee Park, Astoria NY,
Marianna Peragallo, New York NY,
Elizabeth Perendy, New York NY
Benjamin Piwowar, Baltimore MD,
Martin Seeds, Brighton England,
Bridget Spaeth, Brunswick ME,
Paul Wackers, Brooklyn NY,
Michael Woody, Brooklyn NY,

Ceramic Artists

Peter Fulop, Leitrim Ireland,
Auguste Garufi, Brooklyn NY,
Maria Spiess, Bowling Green OH,
Matthew Ward, Brooklyn NY

in Writing, Non-Fiction, Poetry

Julia Bosson, New York NY
Ann Marie Cunningham, New York NY
Stephanie Danler, Brooklyn NY
Emil Draitser, West New York NJ,
Alice Gavin, Brooklyn NY
Elisabeth Hamilton, Brooklyn NY
Susan Lee, Sunnyside NY
Lauren Macios, Boston MA,
Susan MacLean, Danville CA, http//
Sara Marinelli, San Francisco CA
Fernanda Moore, Swarthmore PA
Sara Rolater, Houston TX,
Maura Roosevelt, Brooklyn NY
John Rowell, Baltimore MD
Christopher Suda, Birmingham AL,

in Playwriting/Screenwriting

Michael Aguirre, New NY,
Barbara Blatner, New York NY,
Gloria Bond Clunie, Evanston IL
Keith Davidson, Ottawa ON,
Sarah Norris, New York NY,
Michael Vass, Astoria NY,


Thomas Kotcheff, Beverly Hills CA,
Missy Mazzoli, Brooklyn NY,
Daniel Morel, Hartford CT,
Chris Parello, New York NY,
Liza White, Chicago IL,


ARTBARN Theater Group, New York NY,


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