Byrdcliffe Barn Hangout Time

Ever wonder what Byrdcliffe residents do with themselves when their not making work? After settling in for the first week of their residency, the Session III residents took a night of rest from their diligent working time and gathered in the Byrdcliffe Barn for a night of ping-pong, socializing, and celebration. All the writers, visual artists, playwrights, and composers congregated in the enchantingly lit barn for an eclectic assortment of food and snacks – ranging from a refreshing watermelon mint salad, to homemade cocktails, and even a birthday cake – as it so happened, it was the birthday of our resident composer, Liza White! The rest of the night commenced with great discussions and the sharing of stories, and also some competitive, prolonged games of ping-pong, leading to some improvised ping-pong matches as well. It was a great, eventful night for the residents to relax and socialize after a productive working week!

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