What inspires Artists at Byrdcliffe?

Where do the artist’s at Byrdcliffe get inspiration?  Great Question!!! Meet a few of the Artist’s in Residence here, at Byrdcliffe:


Heidi Howard, Sunnyside NY, www.heidihoward.netHiedi

Matthew Ward, Brooklyn NYMathew

Martin Seeds, Brighton England, www.martinseeds.comMartin

Liza White, Chicago IL, http://lizawhitemusic.com/LJ_1

Elisabeth Hamilton, Brooklyn NYLIZ

Keith Davidson, Ottawa ON, www.keithdavidson.comKeith

Julia Bosson, New York NYJulia


Esteban Cabeza de Baca,  Brooklyn NY, www.estebancabezadebaca.com


Erin Curtis, Washington DC, www.erinelizabethcurtis.comErin

Alaina Nuehring, Providence, RI www.alainanuehring.comAlaina!



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