A.I.R Open Studio

Assuming that cars are proportional to visitors, the July 27th Open Studio was overrun. Shortly after five, the parking lot had been filled and cars had begun to line the side of Upper Byrdcliffe Road. What residents lacked in numbers against attendees, they made up for in work and enthusiasm. Upon reaching the Villetta, guests were greeted by artists and an abundance of food. Visitors that made it past the porch were corralled into studios.

The Open Studios was not a demonstration of finished products, but rather a display of works in progress. Although studios and visual work was primarily limited to the Villetta, several artists, the two ceramicists, Judy and Karin, and composer, Chris, had studios elsewhere: in the ceramics studios and Icehouse. Opting to present at his studio, the Icehouse, Chris had guests journey down behind the barn to see his tools and listen to his work. Karin and Judy transported their projects up to the Villetta. Together, with intern Lori Crawford, they shared a studio. Lori’s loose, geometric watercolors, Judy’s bird obelisks, and Karin’s glowing pots filled the room.

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In an adjoining room, Maria had several animal prints and paintings. Brenda’s studio next door was covered with dozens of landscape paintings. Victoria wooed unsuspecting guests into her studio with music, where they were confronted by paintings and poetry.

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Visitors were drawn in by Janet’s contemplative paintings in gouache on paper.

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The mysterious fabrication of Anastasia’s wall reliefs attracted attention. Rashid’s humorous posters lined the Villetta’s dining room. Plastered with manuscript drafts, Yael crafted a visual catalogue of her time spent writing her script and book. At 7’oclock, a reading of a collection of essays, novels, scripts, and short stories signaled the event’s end. Several writers, Yael, Julie, Yurina, Marge, and David presented segments of works from their stay at Byrdcliffe.

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