Welcome New Interns – Clara and Stephanie!!

This week Byrdcliffe welcomed two new interns –  the very lovely Clara and Stephanie.  These two ladies will be living and working at Byrdcliffe’s AIR program for the remainder of the summer, and are taking over (like the 50ft. woman x2) the AIR Blog.  They’ll be documenting the the diverse studio practices, upstate adventures and other happenings (mostly BBQ’s) around the colony.  So keep a look out for new posts!!

Clara Schwan, who joins us from Ohio, is interested in the expressive potential of art and the impact this can have on individuals relating to the world in which they live. She was attracted to Woodstock by the community of creators that Byrdcliffe cultivates. Within this environment, Clara hopes to find inspiration that will transform her work. She is excited to spend the next two months living and working among talented and passionate artists.

Stephanie has been growing in the culture of the Hudson Valley for the last 3 years and is excited for the experience of living at Byrdcliffe and exploring the inspiring history of the colony. She is interested in promoting art and culture within the community through public art and shared spaces. Stephanie plans to use her time at the colony to develop her own creative expression and better connect with her artistic voice.

Clara & Stephanie

Clara & Stephanie


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