Master Artist Visit

Artists Keiko Sono and Michael Asbill came to discuss the question, What does it mean to be an artist in today’s changing world? In this roundtable discussion, we shared our artistic stories.

For Keiko Sono and Michael Asbill, there is no separation between art and the community. Even when they are making the most personal work, it is always in relation to the outside world. They will share their stories of being involved in the arts community in the Hudson Valley, and how their personal works have evolved as they became active in advocacy.

Michael Asbill has served as the director of KMOCA (Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art), is currently a director of Chrch in Stone Ridge, and served in a number of panels including the selection committee for NYFA Fellowship in the 2015 cycle.

Keiko Sono is the owner of Flick Book Studio, a stop-motion animation studio in Saugerties, and a multi-media artist with focus on public projects and media arts. She is a current grantee of Arts Mid-Hudson Individual Artist’s Grant, and is conducting a public art project in Bearsville. She and Michael, along with a few other artists, are in the planning stage of founding a production company as a conceptual art project





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