OPEN STUDIO // July 2012

A few photos from this past Saturday’s Open Studio:

Daniel Kyong showed hybrid toy-sculptures she created using dolls, miniature cars and neon children’s clay.  Below is a photo of Daniel working in her studio and another from her website:

Pat Boas showed a number of works, including the piece Poison (2011) from her Abstraction Machine Series.  The series translated words into a visual code using Webdings. Below is Boas’ intricate gouache drawing for the letter P:

Another work from the series: Abstraction Machine (radar) / 2011 / graphite, gouache, colored pencil, pigment print:

Here, Pat discusses her 9 second drawings – a series of pieces where each line or shape is created in 9 seconds:

To see more of Pat’s work, please visit

Eleanor Ray showed a series of tiny oil paintings, most measuring around 5″ x 7″.  Eleanor paints from life, photographs and memory to create intimate and moody works. Please visit her website for more images:

Sledding Hill (2012) Oil on Panel, 5″ x 7″

Road to Boston II (2012) Oil on panel, 5″ x 7″

Siobhan Humston showed a series of Gouache and graphite drawings she worked during her residency.  The images contained both abstract, organic forms, text and drawings of houses and collaged elements. For more examples, visit:

And several writers read excerpts of their work, including Ryan Griffiths, Dolores Alfieri and T.C. Tolbert:

T.C. also displayed many of his writings in his studio, and covered the floor with 816 branches to represent the number to raise awareness about violence towards transgender individuals.

Composer in residence J.P. Olsen performed two works to end the night. Below is a photo from his performance in the Villetta Inn, and a video of a performance from Columbus, Ohio in 2012:

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