Resident Spotlight: Tara Vaughan

What type of art do you create? What first got you interested in this medium?taravaughan

I make ceramic sculpture and hand-built pottery. I was introduced to ceramics in my freshman year of college. I was a general fine arts major and was taking a ceramics class, when my professor convinced me that many other mediums can be incorporated into ceramics.

 What have you been working on while at Byrdcliffe?

I have been working on a few larger scale sculptures, as well as a series of smaller forms. I don’t have access to very big kilns in Philadelphia, so I’ve been taking advantage of the great kilns and ceramics facilities that Byrdcliffe has to offer.

 Where do you find inspiration for your work? Are there other artists (working in any medium) who inspire you?

I find inspiration in my everyday life: connections between humans, nature, and how we choose to recognize them.

I admire many artists, but my favorites are Henry Moore and Jean (Hans) Arp.

How did you find out about Byrdcliffe?

I found out about Byrdcliffe from a dear friend and fellow ceramicist. She couldn’t stop talking about how amazing this place was, so I decided to come here and find out for myself if she was right!

How is communal living influencing your work?

Communal living is positively enhancing my work in every aspect. Getting feedback from artists working in all mediums has been very helpful and eye-opening. We also all love to cook, so that has made life extra enjoyable!

Where can people find out more about your work?

People can check out my website, Tara Vaughan Ceramics, as well my Etsy page.

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