Field Trip to Opus 40

Each session, AIR makes an effort to introduce residents to local arts and culture spots that will excite and inspire, as well as give some insight into the long-standing role of creativity in the region.

For session 1 we invited residents to explore Opus 40, an area sculpture park and museum that features the tireless work of one man, Harvey Fite, over the course of 37 years.

The trip started with a brief video explaining the history of Opus 40, introducing visitors to Fite’s artistic vision and individualized approach to his work, having laid every stone by hand. After, the residents hiked the park for two hours, taking in the beauty of the region and the spirit of relentless creativity that it inspires.

Whether you are an artist or not, we encourage everyone to take the time to visit this lovely spot that so well encompasses the natural beauty of the area and its artistic legacy.

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