Bringing Back the Byrdcliffe Garden

For the last few years, the AIR program has been without a garden. Last summer, program coordinator Meredith Morabito had a vision to bring one back. Behind the historic White Pines building, a path leads through the woods, across a small creek, and into a clearing,  the former location of a flower garden tended by Jane Byrd, one of Byrdcliffe’s founders. In an effort to bring this garden back to life, AIR staff and volunteers have been working to create an idyllic space for artists and writers to visit, retreat, and work the land.

Though the garden is still in the early stage of its development, long term goals include the growing of vegetables, medicinal herbs, dye plants, a pollinator garden, and the incorporation of sculpture into the overall design.

Through the generous support of donors and volunteers, the AIR garden will honor and exemplify the history of Byrdcliffe and the community it serves.

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