A.I.R. Welcomes Visiting Artist Robin Tewes

During each residency, A.I.R. invites an outside artist to visit Byrdcliffe for the day and provide feedback to residents on the work they have created throughout their session, before debuting it at open studios at the end of the month. This year A.I.R. welcomed none other than Robin Tewes, an established visual artist and original guerrilla girl with a long history with Byrdcliffe as both friend and resident.


This year, our artist visit spanned two days, with Robin joining residents Tuesday night for dinner and meeting with them all day Wednesday. With the many food lovers in residence this summer, Robin was welcomed with a beautiful dinner spread of homemade falafels, hummus, pita, baba ganoush, and more, as well as a lovely, and predictably creative, table setting.

Robin touse dinner 1

But before digging in, several residents requested that we take a moment of silence to honor of the lives lost during last weekend’s shooting in Orlando. As we held hands a few people spoke up, sharing their feelings of grief and loss, while others simply cried.  Finally, with deep gratitude we sat down to enjoy our meal together, reveling in one another’s company and the beauty of coming together as a creative community, even in times of hardship.

robin touse dinner

The following day, nine of our fifteen artists in residence met with Robin in conversation about their work, progress, and where to go from here.  On June 24th, residents will have the opportunity to share their work with fellow residents and the local community.

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