Sharing Work and Getting Inspired

Each new session after the residents settle in, they gather over dinner and wine to share in each other’s company and learn more about the art that brought them all together. Last week our artists shared their work and were exposed to the vast array of unique and fascinating talent congregating at Byrdcliffe this summer.


In the visual arts alone we have painters, photographers, eco-designers, textile artists, and glass designers. Our writers cover all genres, ranging from journalists, to novelists, memoirists to playwrights, and career filmmakers. And finally our ceramicists cover a broad range of work from pottery, to sculptures, to print-making with stone.


In these first few weeks of Session 1, the artists have continued to bond and share in their unique talents, artistic insights, and the constant buzzing of creative energy that accompanies Byrdcliffe summer residencies, as they follow their inspiration to create new and lasting art.

In the coming weeks we will profile a few of our artists from each field to learn more about what brought them to Byrdcliffe, what they are seeking to accomplish, and where they are going from here.

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