Welcoming Summer 2016 Artists in Residence!

Yesterday we welcomed 15 visual artists, writers, and ceramicists to Byrdcliffe for Session 1 of the 2016 AIR season! With last night’s welcome dinner and a morning tour of the colony, the artists are settling into their studios and getting started. With us until June 27th we have:

Visual Artists:image2image1

Robert Hickman

Vanessa Madrid

Gabriella Sturchio

Bianca Sturchio

Alexis Elton

Amber Hany

Pallavi Sen




Harriette Yahr

Anisse Gross

Claire Torn

William Berger

Ashlie Kauffman

Michelle Welsch


Robert Kolhouse

Charles (Charlie) Shields

Visiting Artist:

Matthew Ward

Looking forward to another fabulous season of creativity and community!

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