Making it Happen! A writer’s journey to Byrdcliffe via Indiegogo…


unnamed-1Last session, one of our residents was able to be a part of the Byrdcliffe Guild community thanks to his donors on Check it out! Through support from his friends, family and fans he was able to make the trip from California, and pay his residency fee. It was a great example of a community coming together to give a little and show support to someone they felt deserved it!

He’s a writer, editor, and teacher. His writing has appeared in Best Sex Writing, The Rumpus, Guernica, PANK, and elsewhere, and it has been listed as notable in The Best American Essays. He has been awarded fellowships by The Jentel Artist Residency Program and the Lambda Literary Foundation, and teaches at Antioch University Los Angeles and Writing Workshops Los Angeles. He received his MFA at Antioch University Los Angeles, which set him on the path of writing with a social justice bent, and his work has covered issues from mental illness to school violence to sexuality to the perils of having a neo-Nazi cousin. You can find some of his writing here. The novel he’s working on features goblins, domestic terrorism and Hello Dolly, and his memoir is about what it was like to be raised by four child psychologists. Seth’s favorite thing is to get lost in a story, and he believes that writing about things that matter doesn’t mean getting didactic or losing the human experience. Seth try to write pieces that are fun and that hopefully will change the world for the better.

A note from Seth about his experience with crowdfunding and at Byrdcliffe:
“For too many of us artists and writers, getting away for a month seems like a financial impossibility, and I thought that was true for me. When I got my acceptance and was trying to torture my budget to see how I could do this, someone encouraged me to try crowdfunding, so I did.

I was blown away by the support my community had for me, how eager they were to see me pursue my book.  I’m so grateful to everyone. I ended up raising thousands more than I thought I would, enough for me to actually attend another residency in the coming months, too. And it looks like by the end of that residency, I’ll actually have a working draft of my book (knock on wood.) This would’ve taken me years otherwise.

I guess sometimes all you have to do is ask.”

Thank you to everyone, from Woodstock Byrdcliffe to all of my donors! And if any potential Byrdcliffe attendees have questions for me about setting up a Crowdfunding site, I’m happy to answer a few questions. I’m no expert but I can maybe point you in some helpful directions.



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