A.i.R. Reflections: Kelly McCafferty

Kelly McCafferty

Kelly is a resident at Byrdcliffe until the end of September, 2014. To see more of her work, visit www.kellymccafferty.net or come to Open Studios at the Byrdcliffe Colony on September 20th, from 5-8pm.

Q.What mediums do you work with? Where are you from?

A. I make installations, artist’s books, collages, drawings, etc. My work involves the collection and arrangement of found images/objects with the additional combination of fabric, tape, yarn, thread, paper, beads, etc. I grew up in Kentucky and now I live in NYC and Miami.



Q. How as Byrdcliffe inspired you or (in general) what inspires you?

A. I really love Byrdcliffe. I love my studio and the skylights and tall ceiling. I love my bedroom in the Villetta. I love the creaky floors and the strange collection of paintings, furniture and textiles in the house. I especially love lying in the sun on the front porch and having breakfast there in the mornings and looking out at the forest. I love walking down the windy roads around Byrdcliffe. I love the variety of animals in and around the Villetta (spiders, chipmunks, rabbits and deer.) The quietness here is so satisfying.




Q.What are you working on while here, at Byrdcliffe?

A. I am working on a large collage/drawing that is about crystals and rocks, 5 artist’s books (three are paper books, one is canvas and one is felt), and multiple small drawings/collages.


Q. Can you describe where your imagery comes from, and the discourse your work has taken within the last few years?

A. At Byrdcliffe, I have been working with images of a variety of animals including conure birds which for me represent longing and fantasy and ferrets which I associate with the unpredictable nature of children and youth. I have also been working with images of crystals which for me represent desire. I collect crystals (outside of my work) and I am currently fascinated with the idea of whether the collection of images of specific objects can satisfy or emulate the satisfaction of collecting the actual objects. I have also been working with images I collected locally at Val-Kill and Hancock Shaker Village as well as surrounding towns. For me, the best part of a residency is living in a new place and collecting source materials from a new environment—the idea of losing the tight control I have over my work, materials and environment at home and seeing what exciting things happen.



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