Session I Studio Portraits, Open Studios


Below, a couple images of our Session I Artists from June 2014.
IMG_4511Visual Artist and Archivist Jessica Harvey has been researching and photographing Byrdcliffe for a project based on Ralph Whitehead’s turn-of-the-century newsletter, Arrows of the Dawn.
IMG_4462Writer Sara Marinelli working on her novel in her White Pines Studio


IMG_4430Painter Laurel McMehan in her Byrdcliffe studio, amongst the fruits of her 4-weeks residency.


IMG_4543Writer Sara Rolater in her White Pines Studio


IMG_4223Painter Gahee Park in her Byrdcliffe Studio


IMG_4182Visual Artist Bridget Spaeth in her Byrdcliffe Studio


IMG_3509Visual Artist Eunchi Chong in her Byrdcliffe Studio


IMG_3503Visual Artist Eunchi Chong in her Byrdcliffe Studio


IMG_4417Visual Artists Jessica Maffia in her Byrdcliffe Studio, amongst the tools of her work and reference photos.


IMG_4236Byrdcliffe Program Assistant Alison Paton setting-p for Open Studios


IMG_4403Auguste Garufi is a visual artist working completing a two-month ceramic residency at Byrdcliffe. During Open Studios he installed several ceramic works, a poetic text written in salt, and read a few short pieces of writing.


IMG_4395Sara Rolater reading during Open Studios


IMG_4360Screenwriter and filmmaker Michael Vass and painter GaHee Park


IMG_4353Open Studio guests listening to writers reading short excerpts of their work during Open Studios












IMG_4345Sara Marinelli reading a chapter from her novel during Open Studios


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