Cold Weather Updates & What We’re Listening To: An A.I.R. Playlist

It’s been raining for the past week. Days are dark and overcast and the very thought of engaging with the outside is none too appealing, so subsequently we’ve turned to our studios, taken shelter in the common areas, and when we can, we’ve played parlor games and ping-pong , seeking entertainment in what the rain cannot preclude us from. In other words, rain or sunshine, we’re still moving quickly,still working hard, still having fun–Session I Open Studios, after all, lingers just beyond these cloudy horizons (June 22nd in case you were wondering!).

Perhaps you’ve already visited the websites of some of our artists-in-residence and if you have, you’ve seen that their work conforms to no single identity, that the common thread among the visual artists, among the writers, the screenwrites is no thread at all.

And although we can’t post pictures of their Open Studio work just yet, there is another scientifically-proven (sort of) way to indicate this eclecticism: music preference. One’s taste in music is far more telling than simply relaying what one gravitates towards; it is a gateway into the personality,  insight into how one thinks and perceives. As such, through anonymous survey, we’ve asked the residents to post their favorite albums. This is the music that we’ve been listening to, the music that inspires and encourages us to create, to think, and to feel. There is heavy metal and new wave,  melancholic folk ballads, and gangster hip-hop… if this collection of albums is any indicator of the kind of diverse work being produced here, then be certain that no two artists featured at Open Studio will be alike. Take a peek (and a listen) at our list:

Kate Bush- The Hounds of Love

Notorious BIG- Ready to Die

Philip Glass- The Hours

Joni Mitchell- Blue

Beastie Boys- Check Your Head


Talking Heads- Remain in Light

Black Sabbath- Heaven & Hell

San Ul Lim- Oh, Already

Tom Tom Club- Close to the Bone

Joanna Newsom- Ys

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