Home Visit: Sylvia Leonard Wolf

On Friday, Sylvia Leonard Wolf treated us to a talk at the Kleinert/James Gallery, where she curated, alongside Tina Bromberg, the current exhibition entitled Woven. Not only did Sylvia talk to us as Exhibition Curator, but also as Fine Art Appraiser, engaging us in an enlightening conversation about how art is valued. After the discussion, Sylvia had us choose our top three pieces from the show. We each wrote down our favorites and then compared results. It was interesting to see which pieces stuck out,  and how our preferences varied in some cases, and were the same in others.

The gallery talk was followed by pizza, salad, wine, and cookies at Sylvia’s beautiful home. With art on all the walls and shelves, walking into Sylvia’s was like entering another gallery, specifically curated to her and her husband’s taste.

Aside from offering her hospitality, Sylvia let us wander her lovely gardens and fill a paper bag with apples from her many apple trees. Resident artists Skye and Jessica used the apples to make a delicious apple crisp.

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