On Sunday, we took a field trip to Storm King Art Center. Storm King seems to be a favorite choice for Byrdcliffe residents, and this weekend we figured out why. We enjoyed perfect weather, inspiring art, and a peaceful day of exploring the expansive and impressive sculpture park.  Some of us had been to the park already, some of us didn’t realize we had, and some of us were visiting Storm King for the first time.

We packed a delicious lunch and picnicked among  the incredibly large and beautiful pieces of art. Wine and sake, grapes and olives, and string cheese were brought along to make our lunch extra-special.

A fun story from the day comes from Blair Hurley, a resident fiction writer, who, after cresting a hill to view another sculpture, suddenly declared, “I’ve been here before!” As it turned out, Blair has a picture of herself as a baby with one of the Storm King sculptures. Before seeing Menashe Kadishman’s piece, over twenty-five years later, Blair had no idea where the picture was taken!

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