Ken and Julianne’s House and Studio Visit

Yesterday, A.i.R. was invited to visit the home and studio of Ken Landauer and his wife Julianne Swarts.  Opening up their hand built house for a large group was very kind and much appreciated. The quiet woods lends to the productivity of Ken and Julianne, that’s if their 3 year old daughter, Alma, is not stealing all of their attention.

Ken works in multimedia, specifically wood, but makes many drawings and sketches that turn into realized sculpture. He has had many exhibitions, one in Kansas City that stopped traffic and caused accidents. The over-sized undergarments that Ken hand-sewed gave a huge reaction to the city.

Julianne also does multimedia. Her main interest is in phenomenon with light and sound. Currently she is working a lens project that obscures the outside world. However, she still has a a focus in sound with her web working of wire that will be displayed and sound emanating out.

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