Resident Fluctuations

Byrdcliffe’s first two-week session of writers in the A.I.R residency program has recently expired. In anticipation of their imminent departure, a reading was hosted to celebrate both their progress and place within the Byrdcliffe community. Writers in the two-week and four-week sessions were invited to participate: by attending, providing good company and conversation, or reading. In lieu of finished manuscripts, some shared their seminal works –their first essays or poems- while others read fresh material.

The readings ushered in new, literary-oriented community members- a theatre group. A potluck was held at the Villetta Inn to receive them and over steaming bowls of chili, dishes of chilled salad and polenta, they were formally introduced and welcomed. Servings of ice-cream refreshed attentions as Byrdcliffe’s newest members displayed their superb memories by reciting each individual’s name and profession.  Above: writer Chelsea Slaven-Davis reads to fellow writers Jim Capozzi and Deb McCutchen.


Above: The porch tables set for dinner, and writer David Greenwoood (second from left) with actor Joel Ripka and director Jess K. Smith

The president of Byrdcliffe’s board of directors, Henry Ford, board member Karen Peters, as well as Byrdcliffe’s executive director Leaycraft Matthew and his partner Steve Cambron were also present.

Above: Matthew and Steve speaking with AIR Program Manager Alexis Grabowski.

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