OPEN STUDIOS // June 2012

Last Saturday 14 artists participated in Byrdcliffe’s first open studio of the year.  New works in visual art, music composition and writing were presented to the public, and visitors had the opportunity to walk through both the communal and work spaces of the Viletta Inn.

Shivani Bhalla is an Indian artist working in drawing media, watercolor and paper mache.  While at Byrdcliffe she created these paper silhouettes on the exterior of her studio, which narrate her experience traveling to Upstate New York for the residency. Thank you to the Indian Council for Cultural Relations for making Shivani’s residency possible!

In the interior of her studio, Shivani suspended paper mache cut-outs from white thread.  In the back a watercolor drawings hangs on the wall.

Shivanni with Ennis Smith, one of Byrdcliffe’s writers in residence.

Painter Mary Anne Arntzen, of Baltimore Maryland, stands in front of a large-scale monoprint constructed from many individual, hand-painted tiles.

While at Byrdcliffe, Mary Anne continued her explorations of repetitive and decorative patterns.

Mary Ann’s work explores fences, corrugated cardboard, window panes and decorative dividers.

Below – a group photo of Session I artists, taken by Darryl Lauster

Clockwise from left: Alexis Grabowski, Mary Anne Arntzen, Jeanne Larsen, Lisa Allen, Daniel Morel, Matt Hough, Shivani Bhalla, Ennis Smith, Patrick Ryan Frank, Daryl Bergman, Kimberly Ruth, Karin Abromaitis, Jenna Lee, Darryl Lauster, Kathryn Burger and Lucy Gillespie.

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