Byrdcliffe A.i.R. Presents
Works in Progress
Short Insights into the Creative Process

#2 Daryl Bergman

1. What is your artistic process like?

Normally, I collect lost of objects and images from thrift stores, the internet, magazines, etc. When I start a new body of work, I pick images from this inventory to be made into drawings, paintings or photographs.  Later, I usually organize  them into installations.

2. What have you been pursuing during your residency at Byrdcliffe?
At Byrdcliffe, I am focusing on paintings. I have made two small bodies of work, one of which focuses on color, and another on small patterns. The idea is that each is a kind of small visual index. Eventually, I would like to make a larger series.

3. How has the Byrdcliffe Residency affected your work and/or process? Can you describe any moments of inspiration?
I think that simply having time to work has helped me to focus my energy and really figure out these creative impulses I have been having for the past year or so. Byrdcliffe has given me the time and space I needed to do it!

Daryl will be presenting new works during Byrdcliffe’s June 30th Open Studio at the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony. For more information please visit  For more of Daryl’s work, visit

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